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Need to find some moss...

photo from here

I love decorating with moss and used a lot last Autumn and Winter.
I normally use moss to decorate around the bottom of orchids and even place moss in hurricane lamps then place candles on top.
This morning in between flea markets, we stopped at a fabulous Salon du Thé/Boutique Hotel  with equally fabulous and also "antique loving" owners, for a quick coffee.
We also enjoy visiting as there is always a new tresaure to admire and this morning in the hotel reciption area, was an amazing display made from moss that loooked like carpet and on top were some fabulous naturalised birds.
Also scattered around the hotel were urns similar to those in the photo above, full with this lovely moss.
Hence my mission is to find some of the fabulous moss that is very carpet like...will let you know how I get on!
...bon dimanche à vous toutes et tous, Leeann x

p.s. Just stumbled upon this fabulous article on decorating with moss.