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a mid-week tresor...

Bonjour mes belles,

Thursday morning already, where as the week gone? Having a public holiday on Monday has not helped and I seem to be a day behind.

Yesterday we had a RDV to view furniture and I love nothing more than visiting houses, especially houses that look like the interiors have not be touched for the last 100 years or so.

There were a few items that we were interested in and we came away with a few pieces of furniture which have gone straight to the shop and I managed to get something for me.

The house was large and each room looked like something that you would see in an old film and the house itself would make a perfect setting for a period film.

In the "princess bedroom" hanging above the bed was a ciel de lit, these are getting harder to find and when you do manage to find one, they cost a lot of money.

I tried hard not to appear to keen when asking if this particular one was for sale and at the same time knew that if it was, I wanted it and would pay a premium to have it.

Within the next few months, we are  going to be starting a new project so I am busy buying up lots of decorative items and storing them in my "grenier".

This ciel de lit is going to look fabulous hanging above the bed as I am planning a bedroom that is modern in terms of comfort but has lots of lovely antique french details hence this is perfect.

Our guests are waking up and it is market day today so I will love you and leave you, as they say.

à demain, Leeann x