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Trip to the Loire - Part 2

Rebonjour mes belles,

Continuing on from yesterday's post.  Chateau Chenonceau has a fabulous restaurant called the Orangerie and is voted one of the best restaurants in the area. Note if you want to eat there on the day of your visit it is best to reserve a table before you start touring the chateau and gardens.

Loved the attention to detail and it is easy to tell the difference between a privately owned and a government owned chateau. The privately owned chateaux just seem to have a more loved feeling as opposed the government owned chateaux which have beautiful exteriors but the interiors are almost bare in comparison.

This is a mural on one of the walls of the restaurant, which depicts Chenonceau Chateau in the background.

Next stop the Chateau Amboise situated in the very pretty town of Amboise.

Such a charming city, with lots of lovely restaurants all in a row,  across the road from the entrance to the chateau. In They are all on theleft hand side of the street in the photo above.

 I was particularly taken with the street signs......fabulous and very French!

The perfect town to walk around, with lots of stunning buildings and a variety of lovely shops.

The chateau Amboise is situated on top of the village hence the views from the chateau are stunning.

How wonderful are the gargoyles? It would not be the same without them.
The detail on the chapel was amazing, so intricate.

Leonard da Vinci is burried in the chapel of the chateau and there is even a statue of Leonardo in the garden and nearby in the clos de lucé where he spent his final days.

A nice touch, a sign stating the age of the wisteria.

After seeing the fabulous interiors at Chateau Chenonceau I did not feel that Chateau Amboise was that interesting, and as a result I only took one photo.....

I promise you that this is not the case with the others that we visited subsequently so be prepared for lots of photos of gorgeous Chateau interiors.

à la prochaine, Leeann x