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a bit of bling...

Bonsoir mes belles,

It has been one of those days.....first thing this morning I had a RDV with very good looking young French doctor who advised that I looked better than yesterday! 

Needless to say that the horrible thing that I had yesterday appears to have almost disappeared, so I am hoping that it stays that way....

This afternoon did not get off to a good start as some workmen digging a trench nearby, accidentally cut the telephone cables 

which meant that we had no internet access for 5 hours but I managed to start photographing some new items that have arrived and am now happy back on the internet......what did we do before we had this incredible invention?

Hence I am in the mood for bling hence one of my manequins is wearing some bling......a very baroque style pearl garland which is covered in fairy lights.....just the thing to brighten a cold night in SW France.

I am now off to light lots of candles and get cosy for the evening.

....bisous, Leeann