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staying cosy...

Bonjour mes belles,

It is a grey  and humid here and I have just returned from posting an order to Australia and whilst there was asked about the weather in in Australia and New Zealand, hence I have sunshine on my mind.

The lamp that you see in the photo above, is a recent gift from French Boyfriend and I am happy as it creates a little brightness and I love the concept of creating a lamp using a birdcage.....also love the idea that the bird does not leave a mess to clean up after.

Birdcages are all the rage at present in France and every shop that you go into appears to have objects that feature birds whether it is a jewellery stand, key case, candle holder or simply a bird cage that use to decorate.

Not sure if this is unique to France or is a worldwide thing and would be interested to know if it is the same around the world.....

I had better get to work as I have received more stock for fabulously french and also have a poorly FBF so am also playing nurse today.

à demain, Leeann