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Hanging in my hall....

My petite boutique is accessed using the same entrance as for Maison No. 20 so I have started to hang a few decorations for Noel, in order to get my customers in the Christmas mood.

The rest of the house will be decorated at the begining of December which is now not that far away.

I found these vintage ice skates at a local vide grenier back in Spring of this year and was happy when I found them as I have not seen any like them here in SW France which is  probably due to the fact that there is not a lot of ice skating that takes place in the winter.

Note it took me a while to thread the ribbon as the ribbon was a lot wider than the holes, hence I really had to push it through but I got there in the end.

Have you started any Christmas projects yet? I am finding that pinterest is full of ideas and I love seeing what other people are pinning and/or are making for Christmas.
Bonne journée à tous, Leeann x