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French Shabby Chic...

Shabby door, Damazan SW France
Bonjour mes belles,

Let's just say that my day started on a bit of a rough note....alarm went off very early this morning as there was a vide grenier taking place not far from us. French boyfriend made the coffee and said that he would serve me by toast and coffee in bed.....I said no but he insisted.......end result, a piece of toast laden with confiture de cerise which I managed to spill on antique white sheet, one of my favourites with a large monogramme.

I think that it is safe to say that a sleepy me, cherry jam and extra white sheet are not a good combination.

We set off bound for vide grenier, rain started to fall at first gently and got heavier. News flash on the radio saying that Lourdes had been flooded at all hotels evacuated and more rain was expected so it was not a good sign.

Hence we arrived at first vide grenier with not a lot of vendors in sight so made a quick tour and headed to the next vide grenier.

Paseed through the fabulous colourful village of Damazan, bound for Buzet; a region known for its wine.

Managed to find a few goodies which I will reveal tomorrow after I have finished washing/ironing sheets.....

....bon dimanche à tous, Leeann x