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sunday morning treasures...

Bonjour from a VERY hot SW France,

The heatwave is continuing and it is not expected to leave until next Friday so we are preparing ourselves for another week of extreme temperatures.

We managed a quick trip to a local vide grenier where I picked up lots of vintage rolls of ribbon or ruban as it is called in French.

The colours themselves are stunning but the thing I like most is the old style labels with their fabulous style of font and the way that each layer of ribbon is separated by a layer of paper.

Love them and just wish  that the vendor had more as I bought all that she had as I adore ribbon and not only will the rolls look great when used as part of a display, they alwyas come in handy as I found out this morning when I wanted to make a quick change to my sun hat so that it co-ordinated with the rest of my outfit......it is a girl thing but French boy friend agreed that it looked better with a touch of black ribbon.

After treasure hunting we stopped quickly for a cafe and a macaron and I wished that I had my camera with me as there were no small macarons left and the only macarons on offer with rose flavoured and filled with fresh rasberries and a light cream........forgot to menetion that they were the large size so I shared it with FBF.  It was delicious and not too sweet and the rasberries were firm but melted in your mouth......my idea of heaven.......treasure hunting and macarons.....what more could a girl want......oh yes a French boyfriend.....la vie est vraiment belle en France!

trés bon dimanche à tous et à demain mes belles, Leeann x